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In yur about Luca video you said he also wants to be cared about and that nightmare demons live along time. Why couldn't Luca just find a partner/friend that was a nightmare demon too?

you don’t always choose who to fall in love with

Hardest body part to draw??

honestly the wtire body lmaooo


hands and feet i guess 

How good are you at singing on a scale from 1 to 10?

I AM IN THE NEGATIVES MY LOVE I CANNOT SING TO SAVE MY LIFE to the point where i wont sing in front of anyone….
altho in some videos i’ll sing-talk? or hum. which is WEIRD cuz i dont even do that in front of my closest friends haha

How many Q a day do you typically get on this app?

depends on how active.

if i dont do anything here i’ll get exactly 0 messages lmao. anytime i post something people are like “O FUK I FORGOT THIS BITCH EXISTED LEMME SEND HER A THING” and then ill get a handfull of messages.

its never a lot tho haha cuz i just….dont do much here

AGAIN, this account is mostly for answering messages so if u guys are only here for my art I suggest Instagram the most!

I also post art a lot on twitter but i also fuck around there too haha so its only like….30% art OOPS 

Could we make our own redesigns of your old characters, for fun? Crediting you of course.

i guess so lmao 

okay, so! you've mentioned before you don't do comics because you're not confident in your writing... so my question is: have you ever considered maybe getting a writing partner? kind of like how writers look for artists to make their comics come to life but in reverse?

not really im super….uh….oh GREEDY yeah maybe thats the word idk. I want to keep my story for myself and I dont want anyone else to…influence it? IDK MAN.

Im just very….territorial? over my characters and story haha. i know thats NOT GOOD and im being SUPER DUMB but i can help feelin like that with my stories and characters sorry!! 

if you had to choose one old piece/character to redraw (or redesign) what would it be?

I dont know about any pieces but as for character I would really like to bring ERR0R back!! he has cool hair and stuff!

I would have to redesign p much everything else since he’s an absolute travesty lmao and also change his name. 

how long does it take you to edit videos usually?

Hmmmmm depends. The easiest videos only take 1.5 hours maybe? Those are just editing voiceovers over speedpaints yep super easy. Harder ones, such as challenges n stuff, take an average of 3 hours or more. 

do you speak any language other than english?


HECK this is gonna sound silly but I think your lips are so cute??? Ahahahs ur face is really cute aaaaaa ur just cute all around aaaa bye!!

ahaha thank you!! nah nah i get a lot of compliments on my lips so i dont think its weird at all

until someone says i have DSL of course but yknow who wouldnt be uncomfortable with that 🙄

You've got beautiful hands Leslie you should try henna if you ever get the chance to

yeah i don’t think that’s for me? haha

I THINK I LOOKED OKAY TODAY said the girl who always covers half her face lmaooo ヾ(´▽ ;`;)ゝ

hi...I just wanted to know is it bad to copy someone's art style? don't worry I am not copying your style l just saw an artist style and it was amazing so I practice it lately and I LOVED IT so is it bad?

It depends on who you ask and what you mean by copying. If youre ACTUALLY copying it 100% (or as close to 100% as you can) then I, PERSONALLY, think it’s bullshit. 

Think about it, HOW LONG does it take someone to find their own art style? Months? Years? Depends. How long did it take you to look at THEIR art style and think “oh i like this so it’s mine now!!” …not as long as it took them to build it, right? No effort whatsoever. None. It’s Bullshit. 


If you mean youre taking inspiration from it, that’s a whole other deal and I think everyone should be INSPIRED by other people’s work. 

Taking inspiration is like if you looked at someone’s art and thought “oh i like how they draw/color this thing i wanna do it like that too” and you try drawing/coloring that thing like them and then you ADD IT to your current art style. And you take inspiration from multiple artists while at the same time adding stuff of your own.

And eventually you have this super cool, personal art style that was inspired by soo sooo many artists, and yet it has a very personal touch! THATS good. very cool. you worked on that yourself, you didnt take someone else’s style/hard work. 

I was wondering if you did speed paints in like one shot or do you edit it ? Cuz I would make them but it takes me quite a time to finish a piece

HELL NAH you think i can sit and draw for 2-3 hours straight? 

I record in lil mini sessions that can range from 10 mins to 40 mins. Its hard not to get distracted on the internet so I often take breaks to watch videos, eat food, or just browse social media lmao. 

Then on iMovie I put all the clips together and nobody’s the wiser…until you check the time on the top corner of my screen and see I will start a drawing at 1 pm and finish it at 2 am lmao but I wasnt sitting there all day

It’s actually a pet peeve of mine when I watch SPs where the artist will write “BRB” on the screen and it just stops for like an entire minute omfg like….pssst…..you do know you can edit that out right? Or even…stop recording for a damn second…just a lil youtube secret shhh 

Is it ok to use one of your drawings as a phonw background? I wont re-upload it.

of course! 

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